Mission Statement

The Community Plug-in Committee seeks to form mutually beneficial relationships between Occupy Oakland and grassroots community groups in the Bay Area, with a focus on Oakland. Through these relationships, we hope to better our community and empower people from all over Oakland to do the same.  Our work includes:

1. Coordinating volunteer efforts between Occupy Oakland and community groups.

2. Representing  Occupy Oakland in neighborhoods that currently feel disconnected from the movement.

3. Communicating  the desires of groups that are underrepresented within Occupy Oakland, and (better yet) facilitate community involvement in Occupy Oakland’s decision making process and autonomous action planning.

4. Broadening the accessibility of Occupy Oakland’s information and action updates to those who do not have internet access or the ability to attend General Assembly meetings.


2 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. grouchosuave says:

    Friendly feedback from another Occupy Oakland organizer: I just discovered this website and didn’t even really know you all existed as a group. (There have been a lot of abortive outreach attempts, and proposals passed at GA.) I know and dig the OGP Gazette, know antal from foreclosure work around Gaylas, and many all probably know each other by sight if not by name . If you don’t already know, I’m “Tio” or “Brooke” elsewhere (or both as in “Tio Brooke” if you are my nephew or niece!!).

    I notice two things reading over what you have put up here that disturbed me a little: they’re probably more turns of phrase or wishful projections, but could be read as overstepping or misrepresentation

    “Our work includes … …* Representing Occupy Oakland in neighborhoods that currently feel disconnected from the movement.”

    here you are slipping presumption into a complex situation by simplistically characterizing the attitude of “neighborhoods” as feeling diconnected. In the projected role of reperesenting OO, to conceive of it as “representing OO” suggests that such is even possible and that you grasp the totality. You can only SERVE or HOPE to represent a face of OO. After all it’s a movement not an organization, isn’t it?

    And from the minutes page: “We are Occupy Oakland’s direct line into contributing to our city’s existing community groups,”

    You aren’t THE direct line are you? You are “one of MANY” or you ASPIRE to be one. You certainly aren’t the be all end all conduit. And I hope you don’t aspire to be the only one.


  2. cclazarou says:

    Hi Brooke:

    My name is Candace, and I’m the person who threw this blog together for the Community Plugin subgroup of the Outreach Collective Committee. I can see your point concerning the phrasing of our mission statement, but I personally feel it conveys our intention well enough. Concerning the paragraph of our last subgroup meeting minutes, your assessment was correct that the phrasing was more indicative of a goal than a present function, and I would love for Community Plugin to serve as a communication hub for collaboration between people that affiliate with the OO movement and grassroots community groups. These things being said, I do believe that subtle semantics matter in conveying our mission statement and the work we do, so I would like for these issues to be heard at the next meeting (we have joint meetings with our parent committee at SF Pizza every Thurs @ 6:30PM). Other members of Community Plugin will probably read your comment before next Thursday (I am currently disabled and won’t be able to make meetings for a while), but I hope you can share your opinion in person.

    Thanks again for your friendly feedback — it is always welcome.

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