Most recent meeting notes (“minutes”) are listed first.  Minutes are deleted from this page after one month, but you can view all archived minutes by clicking here.

You may see Occupy Oakland represented in shorthand as “OO”.


1.19.12 + 1.26.12
1. We’re transitioning from being a standalone committee to a subgroup of the Outreach Collective Committee!  Due to the similarity of our goals/methods, we’ll be combining our meetings as well.  Come join us at 6:30PM every Thursday at SF Pizza to witness the amazing Voltronesque super-configuration of these two committees.

2. The Community Plug-In subgroup still serves a separate and important function of the OCC (Outreach Collective Committee) — we are Occupy Oakland’s direct line into contributing to our city’s existing community groups, and we are committed to making the movement accessible to communities who feel disconnected.  Therefore, you will still see an ever-growing list of community groups and nonprofits, updates on volunteer opportunities, accessibility updates, and bi-weekly notes on our activity within the OCC.

3. The OCC has discussed a “kid’s march” similar to the one planned for our April 1st “Celebrate Oakland” event.  However, their kid’s march will be taking place on the traditional Dia del Niño (April 30th).  We will discuss merging the two events next Thursday.


1. Antal from the Move-In Day’s Media Outreach Committee joined our meeting to discuss potential outreach methods and ask for volunteers. He will be providing us with Move-In day press release material for word of mouth dissemination and uploading to our blog.

2. Candace will start collecting all forms of printed media from Occupy Oakland for uploading to blog. Purpose:

– Collect calendar information that may be left off of occupyoakland.org, post to our calendar

– Provide online source of Occupy flyer images for autonomous printing/disseminating to neighborhoods without widespread internet access

– Include flyers in “media packet” (also containing the Oscar Grant Plaza Gazette and the Occupied Oakland Tribune) for distribution


– Create single update/upcoming events flyer to pass out with papers

3. Meetings will be merged with those of the larger group to which we belong, the Outreach Collective Committee.

4. To Do:


– Contact Occupied Oakland Tribune for pdf

– Train with Elly on mailing list protocol

– Change meeting location on site

– Upload Move-In Day Media Outreach material to blog

I. We are providing our information and notes in notebook form for those who do not have internet access. The notebook will be left at the Occupy Oakland info table.

II. We may be organizing a movie night to encourage community participation in Occupy Oakland.

III. We will also be coordinating with the Garden committee to replant in Oscar Grant Plaza, and possibly receive donated materials from the organization Planting Justice

IV. April 1st is the planned date of our community event (to be named)! The following will be organized:

1. Committee tables (one for each OO committee), including a sign, information notebook, and and representative to answer questions
2. Teach-ins on the cultural history of Oakland (with speakers from organizations such as the
Black Panther Commemorators), as well as skill-based workshops (bicycle repair, knitting, etc.)
3. Activities/shows for children (puppet show, storytelling, children’s march)
4. Music
5. Circus performance (some from the Committee of Absurd ideas)
6. Food (participation of Kitchen Committee)
7. Celebrate Oakland march

V. We will be designing a small batch of flyers using Elly’s graphic and including our contact info to disseminate with OO newspapers. Business cards are also in the works.

VI. Elly is starting a youth-oriented group for Occupy Oakland events, with the working name “Youth Corps”


I.  Elly has designed a lovely new logo for the Community Plugin Committee!  She’ll be forwarding this file to us for suggestions, and it may be popping up at future meetings for proposed buttons and business cards.

II.  Two representatives from the Western Service Union Workers Association attended this meeting to share a few opportunities for outreach:

–           Every Tuesday from 12:30 to 5:00, the WSWA does utility advocacy for low income families.  The goal is to keep the lights on.

–          Wednesday the 21st (note: this date has passed — apologies for the belated post) WSWA is having a turkey distribution.  They need people to help put together boxes and people to help deliver  the turkeys.

–          Saturday the 17th (note: this date has passed) WSWA will be canvassing to talk to people about the budget trigger cuts and what they can do to try and stop them.

Contact Jade at ooplugins@gmail.com for more information on any of these events.

III.  If you’d like to share suggestions or expertise on the design of this blog, please contact Candace at candacelazarou@gmail.com.

IV.  Suggestion brought up concerning Portland’s Day of Service honoring Martin Luther King Jr. (more info here http://www.oregonvolunteers.org/media/uploads/2011-MLKDay-PressRelease.pdf).  Perhaps we can have a similar event?

V.  We will be contacting the OO newspaper in order to help with distribution, as well as include insert containing any Community Plugin information that is usually only available via internet.

VI.  Jade has tracked down the Coordination Outreach committee. They are doing the same stuff we are so after the holidays our committees will meet up and discuss melding and continuing the work as one cohesive group.

VII. Here are some of the changes Elle is proposing we make to our mission statement. Please come prepared to discuss this in a clear, concise and respectful manner. Thank you Elle for your enthusiasm and input:

The Oakland OWS Community Plug-in Committee seeks to form mutually beneficial relationships with grassroots community groups in Oakland and to facilitate such relationships in communities around the country. Through these relationships, we hope to better our communities and empower all people, including those with and without the Internet and/or the ability to attend their local General Assembly meetings, to do the same. By helping coordinate local community groups, the Community Plug-in Committee can bring OWS to under-represented neighborhoods, and facilitate local community’s involvement in OWS’s decision-making processes and autonomous action planning.

VIII. Here again is the list of community groups Jade found. Pick at least one to communicate and get involved with. Also, this is not an exhaustive list. Feel free to pick any group you want, on or off the list.


General Notes
– Candace and Jade are going to set up meetings with the ‘Ella Baker Center’ and the ‘Women Initiative for Self Employment’ to see if they are interested in developing relationships with us.

– Elle is going to get involved with ‘Great Oakland Schools’ as an OO representative.

– The W.S.W.A. is having their holiday party tomorrow *Sat.*. There will be a meeting @ 1pm to discuss the evening and delegate tasks accordingly. If you just want to go and have fun tickets are $2.50 per person or $7.50 per family suggested donation. To get involved or for more details call Jacob @ 510-832-2111

– We all agreed on the mission statement to be put forward @ the coordination committee meetings that have been discussing ways for committees to be more accessible and to have more access. I will include the missions statement after meeting notes.

– We wrote down some ideas about what a committee is, how a committee gets recognized, and what they get once they are recognized. These questions were put to us by the coordination committee for discussion at the next meeting. I will include notes on this following the mission statement.

– We discussed the importance of each person in the committee to pick an organization and start getting involved in the community.

– We would like to coordinate with the newspaper committee so that we can make information about OO accessible to people who don’t have access to the internet or the GA. We need to find contact info. for them.

– We discussed the importance of creating solidarity with other occupy community outreach committees in cities around the world.

–  We would like everyone to brainstorm about a committee logo.

– We would like to have some pins made with our ‘Occupy Oakland Community Plug In Committee’ logo made for us to wear while we are volunteering so that people know we are OO.


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