1.19.12 and 1.26.12 Updates

1. We’re transitioning from being a standalone committee to a subgroup of the Outreach Collective Committee!  Due to the similarity of our goals/methods, we’ll be combining our meetings as well.  Come join us at 6:30PM every Thursday at SF Pizza to witness the amazing Voltronesque super-configuration of these two committees.

2. The Community Plug-In subgroup still serves a separate and important function of the OCC (Outreach Collective Committee) — we are Occupy Oakland’s direct line into contributing to our city’s existing community groups, and we are committed to making the movement accessible to communities who feel disconnected.  Therefore, you will still see an ever-growing list of community groups and nonprofits, updates on volunteer opportunities, accessibility updates, and bi-weekly notes on our activity within the OCC.

3. The OCC has discussed a “kid’s march” similar to the one planned for our April 1st “Celebrate Oakland” event.  However, their kid’s march will be taking place on the traditional Dia del Niño (April 30th).  We will discuss merging the two events next Thursday.


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