1.12.12 Minutes

1. Antal from the Move-In Day’s Media Outreach Committee joined our meeting to discuss potential outreach methods and ask for volunteers. He will be providing us with Move-In day press release material for word of mouth dissemination and uploading to our blog.

2. Candace will start collecting all forms of printed media from Occupy Oakland for uploading to blog. Purpose:
– Collect calendar information that may be left off of occupyoakland.org, post to our calendar
– Provide online source of Occupy flyer images for autonomous printing/disseminating to neighborhoods without widespread internet access
– Include flyers in “media packet” (also containing the Oscar Grant Plaza Gazette and the Occupied Oakland Tribune) for distribution
– Create single update/upcoming events flyer to pass out with papers

3. Meetings will be merged with those of the larger group to which we belong, the Outreach Collective Committee.

4. To Do:
– Contact Occupied Oakland Tribune for pdf
– Train with Elly on mailing list protocol
– Change meeting location on site
– Upload Move-In Day Media Outreach material to blog


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