12.29.11 Minutes

I. We are providing our information and notes in notebook form for those who do not have internet access. The notebook will be left at the Occupy Oakland info table.

II. We may be organizing a movie night to encourage community participation in Occupy Oakland.

III. We will also be coordinating with the Garden committee to replant in Oscar Grant Plaza, and possibly receive donated materials from the organization Planting Justice

IV. April 1st is the planned date of our community event (to be named)! The following will be organized:
1. Committee tables (one for each OO committee), including a sign, information notebook, and and representative to answer questions
2. Teach-ins on the cultural history of Oakland (with speakers from organizations such as the
Black Panther Commemorators), as well as skill-based workshops (bicycle repair, knitting, etc.)
3. Activities/shows for children (puppet show, storytelling, children’s march)
4. Music
5. Circus performance (some from the Committee of Absurd ideas)
6. Food (participation of Kitchen Committee)
7. Celebrate Oakland march

V. We will be designing a small batch of flyers using Elly’s graphic and including our contact info to disseminate with OO newspapers. Business cards are also in the works.

VI. Elly is starting a youth-oriented group for Occupy Oakland events, with the working name “Youth Corps”


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