12.15.11 Minutes


I.  Elly has designed a lovely new logo for the Community Plugin Committee!  She’ll be forwarding this file to us for suggestions, and it may be popping up at future meetings for proposed buttons and business cards.

II.  Two representatives from the Western Service Union Workers Association attended this meeting to share a couple opportunities for outreach:

–           Every Tuesday from 12:30 to 5:00, the WSWA does utility advocacy for low income families.  The goal is to keep the lights on.

–          Wednesday the 21st (note: this date has passed — apologies for the belated post) WSWA is having a turkey distribution.  They need people to help put together boxes and people to help deliver  the turkeys.

–          Saturday the 17th (note: this date has passed) WSWA will be canvassing to talk to people about the budget trigger cuts and what they can do to try and stop them.

Contact Jade at ooplugins@gmail.com for more information on any of these events.

III.  If you’d like to share suggestions or expertise on the design of this blog, please contact Candace at candacelazarou@gmail.com.

IV.  Suggestion brought up concerning Portland’s Day of Service honoring Martin Luther King Jr. (more info here http://www.oregonvolunteers.org/media/uploads/2011-MLKDay-PressRelease.pdf).  Perhaps we can have a similar event?

V.  We will be contacting the OO newspaper in order to help with distribution, as well as include insert containing any Community Plugin information that is usually only available via internet.

VI.  Jade has tracked down the Coordination Outreach committee. They are doing the same stuff we are so after the holidays our committees will meet up and discuss melding and continuing the work as one cohesive group.

VII. Here are some of the changes Elle is proposing we make to our mission statement. Please come prepared to discuss this in a clear, concise and respectful manner. Thank you Elle for your enthusiasm and input.
The Oakland OWS Community Plug-in Committee seeks to form mutually beneficial relationships with grassroots community groups in Oakland and to facilitate such relationships in communities around the country. Through these relationships, we hope to better our communities and empower all people, including those with and without the Internet and/or the ability to attend their local General Assembly meetings, to do the same. By helping coordinate local community groups, the Community Plug-in Committee can bring OWS to under-represented neighborhoods, and facilitate local community’s involvement in OWS’s decision-making processes and autonomous action planning.

VIII. Here again is the list of community groups Jade found. Pick at least one to communicate and get involved with. Also, this is not an exhaustive list. Feel free to pick any group you want, on or off the list.



One thought on “12.15.11 Minutes

  1. Brandon says:

    Very nice job!

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